150 joules welding laser Prolaser...
Láser de soldadura 150 julios Prolaser Easy-1
Láser de soldadura 150 julios Prolaser Easy-1
Láser de soldadura 150 julios Prolaser Easy-1
Láser de soldadura 150 julios Prolaser Easy-1

150 joules welding laser Prolaser Easy-1.

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EASY by ProLASER™ is the latest development of LASER Technology for Table-Top Manual LASER Welders.

It's designed for High-Precision, High-Power and Heavy-Duty applications, with special attention to precious metal processing.

As standard feature, EASY is equipped with a wide 10” LCD Full-HD Touch Screen which allows to read and set the parameters comfortably.

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EASY is the ProLASER ™ bench LASER welder.

Designed for applications where power, precision and the ability to withstand even the heaviest duty cycles are required, EASY is developed with the goal of solving precious metal processing related problems whenever possible.

EASY was born from the experience of ProLASER acquired in the field of industrial LASER welding, specifically in the production of chains, where the perfect stability even at high speed, high power and total reliability are essential characteristics to be successful in a field where they are carried machines. to the limit, without compromise.

The EASY design, with its angular shapes, is the result of a long collaboration with a leading industrial design studio. In addition to the captivating design, EASY is developed with the needs of Comfort and Ergonomics in mind

Interface and controls

EASY is equipped with a large 10 "Full-HD LCD touch screen that allows you to read and set parameters in complete comfort.

The user interface is designed to show, at a glance, all essential information about the parameters and the status of the machine.

A deep submenu, then, allows the Dynamic control of the System and its Settings.

All Work Parameters can be configured and managed by Touch Screen or, alternatively, by the Joystick located inside the Welding Chamber

The LASER welding phases can be followed through the LEICA microscope which, guaranteeing a clear view, facilitates the performance of all activities.

Images captured by the built-in camera can be displayed on the 10 "Full-HD LCD touchscreen that, digitally magnified, clarifies fine details and fine particles.

ECS - Integrated Camera System

Each EASY is equipped, as a standard configuration, with the so-called "BUILT-IN CAMERA SYSTEM" (in Italian "SYSTEM WITH BUILT-IN VIDEO CAMERA").

Images captured by the HD video camera, installed coaxial to the microscope, are displayed on the 10 "Full-HD LCD touch screen without lag or distortion.

The "CAMERA" menu allows you to view the images taken by the video camera and, at the same time, interact with the Work Parameters.

The EASY Software, in addition to the basic settings of the Video Camera, allows Capturing Images and Short Videos of the welding session.

In addition, the ZOOM function enables 20x and 40x magnification of live images.


Since the first developments of LASER Technology, the Stereomicroscope has been an inseparable companion for all those who have worked with a manual LASER welder.

ProLASER, with the intention of offering the highest quality products, uses only LEICA stereomicroscopes for its range of benchtop LASER welders.

However, it is undeniable that technology is evolving rapidly and today it is not difficult to find an alternative to the good stereomicroscope.

Vision Engineering, a company that deals with 3D vision, has developed an advanced microscope capable of offering extraordinary high resolution 3D vision, without the use of eyepieces, the "Lynx EVO".

As an alternative to the standard LEICA stereomicroscope, ProLASER benchtop LASER welders can be equipped with Vision Engineering's "Lynx EVO".

Ergonomics and comfort

Years of experience acquired in the LASER field have taught us a clear lesson: the key point for High Productivity, in addition to the Technical Characteristics of the system, is a "Comfortable and Ergonomic" workstation.

Measuring 19 inches between the elbow line and the eyes, EASY offers the operator a comfortable and relaxed working position.

The 38 ° tilt of the stereomicroscope allows the operator's neck to support longer sessions thanks to a more comfortable working position.

Greater comfort, with the intention of obtaining the optimal working position, reduces muscle and shoulder tension, facilitates concentration and makes work more pleasant.

In addition to a high-quality stereomicroscope, the illumination system of the welding chamber also plays a key role in avoiding eye fatigue. EASY is equipped with an LED lighting system that emits a warm light with adjustable intensity, without flickering and without reflections.

Laser source Nd: YAG
Wavelength 1064nm
Average Energy 95W
Peak Power 7,5kW
Maximum Energy 150 Julios
Pulse rate Hasta 30 Hz
Pulse Duration 0,1 ÷ 20 mS
Point dimension 0,2 ÷ 2,0mm (0,1mm Opcional)
Screen 10" A color
Maximum Working Temperature 39ºC
Power Supply 1-Ph, 220/230V-AC, 50/60 Hz, 10A
Refrigeration system Agua con dos radiadores de 6L y doble ventilador.
  • Ancho: 59 cm.
  • Profundidad: 92 cm.
  • Alto: 65 cm.
Weight 49 Kg.

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